Hello Everyone! we will be closing early today to help stock PO with all the new genetics everyone wanted to always be available consistently. Please email Us for any information please! I will edit this post with the new list of available genetics!!Hello everyone! We here at progressive options have been hard at work behind the scenes cultivating a team of serious professionals to better serve and meet the needs of our invaluable members, new and old.  We have been slammed with a colossal magnitude of orders, new members to process, all the while expanding square footage, and our presence in the community. (guest speaking, seminars, consultation, etc.)
Serving the community with our paramount standard of excellence has been no easy challenge, but  it is a labor of love! We work day and night to help those who understand the healing properties of mmj. 
Sincere apologies for any inactivity at the shop or over the phones, this is due to the aforementioned influx of orders and members, internal restructuring, and we are still catching up from the move. 
We thank you for your patience, we couldn't do it without you. New strains are on the horizon, and we are more than excited to show you what we are working with. 
We just finished filling new rooms with verified genetics you might have seen from the chalice!
We will have a new menu update this week, so keep your eyes peeled for the quality cuts you have come to trust! 
#420 #marijuanagenetics #marijuana #clones #mjclones #clones420 #thc #plantclones #pogenetics#progressiveoptions #girlscoutcookies #cbd #clonesonly #herb #kushAnother example of a good, finished version of Kosher! An awesome member of PO handed this to me one late night picking up an order. 
We will be restocking the shelves by this weekend with freshly rooted trays of cuttings. We do apologize for the influx of members at one instance in a day, which sometimes results in a complete wipe of the walk-in ready cuttings! I will post up tonight or as soon as we check the clone chamber of whats in store for members! 
Also, we decided to make canvas enlarged pictures of each picture from the Hello everyone! If you have a pending order that is due, or request of genetics to be held PLEASE CALL IN AND CONFIRM YOUR REQUEST OR ORDER. Due to high volume of member appointments and order pick ups, we will be open SUNDAY (628/2015) as wel, to accommodate those who wont be able to make it today, or were planned to come yesterday. PLEASE CALL BEFORE STOPPING BY. Ask the receptionist for what is available or ask about Sunday's availability. Please understand, everyone, we are trying to orderly serve the community in an organized fashion. We understand people do not like overcrowding and/or to keep their privacy. So PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING (REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE AN ORDER DUE OR PENDING RESERVATION PICK-UP) TO PROGRESSIVE OPTIONS PLEASE! We do not want to disappoint anyone. Thank you so much for the love and support everyone, it is truly appreciated and we are grateful to be here to do the best we can for you guys! Love & respect to all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!Walk-in List for (6/25/2015) Thursday! #progressiveoptions #pogenetics D
Tahoe og
Louie OGK
Larry OGK
Sour D
Ghost OGK
Skywalker og
Strawberry diesel x tahoe
Animal cookies
Girl Scout cookies 
Blackberry White Rhino
Deep sleep
Sour dubs
SR71 Purple Kush
Skunk#1 (Circa SSSC)
GG#4 s1 (from our own S1)
LA Con (DNA)
Cataract Kush (DNA)
91 Chem SKVAHello everyone! We know everyone has been waiting for a walk-in list. Lots of members had placed orders and requests that needed to be fulfilled. Fortunately we will have a full list for Wednesday (6/24/2015). Tomorrow. We do apologize for any inconveniences, but please feel free to DM us if you had stopped by, and were not able to acquire any genetics. We will make sure to fully serve you and make sure you guys are happy! It has been one hectic month opening at the new approved location but we are getting there.  The important part is, that members get their genetics safely and timely.  Again, please feel free to email or DM us your requests and it will be fulfilled this Wednesday! Thank you guys so much!!Hello everyone! 6/17/2015. We do apologize for the late notice but we will have to open at 12:30pm today for walk-ins. Please call in today for an accurate availability list. We are doing our best to meet everyones demands. As the mothers grow, the availability of cuttings will increase weekly. We are currently working on updating the pogenetics.com for integration with other collectives and a more user friendly platform.  A weekly article will be posted by members of the medical cannabis community of news and updates, strain information, grow guides and more! Things are off to a great start and its all thanks to you guys.  Again, PLEASE call in or DM us for a live walk-in list and reserve your cuttings just for today. Thank you so much guys!Hey guys, preparing the walk in list for today & Wednesday, along with setting aside orders and reserves doe the days. The list will be posted asap! I'm Sure you guys will love the strains.... (how often would members like thw frequency of strains being recycled or added? each week? please let us know if you guys would want a certain type of additions or changes to any current strains before the polls are  launched.)Hey guys! So far, so good. Thought a quick post about a few new updates and progress for everyone would be a good idea to let members know what the future entails for #progressiveoptions . As always we thank everyone for such amazing and loving support. You guys are really making it possible to establish a standard of cannabis genetic preservation and  demand. We are working on all of the feedback and requests suggested by the majority. The contest is pretty much over and we honestly would love to choose the best 5 instead of 10! There will be another one exactly the same, only a bit bigger on the canvas. A walk-in list will be posted shortly, and emails, dm's will be answered. The pogenetics.com website is getting an overhaul to make things easier and cleaner. After the menu post please stay tuned for some detailed posts about the collective progress and polls on what direction to take on a few opportunities!
Thank you all so much! This community is amazing.Walk-In list for 6/8/2015 after 12pm Monday.

Tahoe OGK
Louie 13th OGK
Skywalker OGK
Heavy OGK
Black Berry White Rhino
Deep Sleep
Strawberry Tahoe
Cataract Kush (DNA)
Animal Cookies

A lot of Walk-In variety will be available on Wednesday. Members who placed reserves via Phone, voice mail, and email on cuttings can definitely pick them up today! Thank you so much everyone!! We appreciate the support and love from the community. Please also remember our address is: 12506 Vanowen st,  North Hollywood CA. 91605.sorry for the late notice, but we will be opening a bit late again today at 12 pm to 3:30 latest due to finishing touches to the new approved location. (Friday). we do apologize for the short notice... it was a surprise for us minutes ago that a few things needed to be finished to be able to open doors safely. #420 #marijuanagenetics #marijuana #clones #mjclones #clones420 #thc #plantclones #pogenetics#progressiveoptions7Sorry who ever i stole this from, but thank you to all of you awesome people out there that supported us today! We do apologize for not being fully built, but we brought all the cuttings asked for. For Friday, we will have another menu up, and guys expect clones only of this caliber. we do apologize for about the phones, we try to answer every call possible. We will be calling everyone back. We will be closing a little early due to construction purposes. Please do call if it is urgent or absolutely needed. we are close by! You guys rock!Hello Everyone! We are just setting up a few things at the new location, and wanted to let everyone know we will be open for walk-ins and order pick-ups (call us to confirm please)
12pm-6pm today.
Chem d
Tahoe og
Skywalker og
Strawberry diesel x tahoe
Animal cookies
Girl Scout cookies 
Deep sleep
Sour dubs

will be available for walk-ins.. we will post up a new order strain list as well shortly! Thank you everyone!
12506 Vanowen ST, North Hollywood CA, 91605
(818) 899-4540AJ at work! We hope PO members can see the huge change in management reverting to the original green labs crew... (z, aj, a)Expect cuttings to be like this guys!Prepared for the people, spotless, beautiful cuts... took a while for the permanent location to get approval but it is finally done! thanks!! -AJ CUTSA quick shot of AJ holding up an example of cuttings that will be of standard at Progressive Options. #tahoe OGK. Stay tuned for a full menu for this weeks grand opening of the approved final home to Progressive Options! 12506 Vanowen St
North Hollywood, CA  91605
-Z, AJ, A Thanks you guys! its about time things got back to the spirit of PO. We are sure you guys will appreciate the familiar faces that only offer proper service and quality genetics!Hello everyone! We will be opening doors to the approved location for Progressive Options This Thursday 6/4/2015
(12506 Vanowen St
North Hollywood, CA  91605). There is NO affiliation with the former address. The original AAA team will be in total control; due to heavy member request, reverting back to the founders of Progressive Options was very clear. Genetics should be accessible to all MMJ (prop.215) patients & caregivers. Clean, properly labeled, and REAL cannabis strains the people need!  This is a recent picture to a canopy of The Tahoe OGK.Here is an example of what the canvas pictures will look like with the credits at the members request! We plan to completely cover all the walls at #progressiveoptions so every month we will just keep doing these contests and get your pictures up! Thank you all!Anyone with orders or reserves please give us an email or call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs while we prepare for opening this Wednesday at the location that was being approved. We no longer operate at the old Sherman way address. The people have spoken, customer service and quality control needed a change. New staff and management will be appointed this week. We heard your feedback and its time for a nice change. Please stay tuned for full details about the address, and the contest winners!  We will post back ASAP Monday morning. (We are still in North Hollywood. Vanowen and Whittset  are the major cross streets for PO's Members center.
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